Skiing at Titlis | Conquer the Alpine slopes

Experience the thrill of skiing down the snowy slopes of Mount Titlis! The Titlis ski area stretches from a high point of over 3,000 meters down to Engelberg at 1,000 meters above sea level. There are lots of ski runs for all skill levels, marked by blue, red, and black trails.

skiing on slope 2

Slope 2

Titlis Ski Slope 2 offers an exhilarating intermediate-level experience with its interconnected trails: Rindertitlis - Trübsee, Laubersgrat - Stand, and Stand - Rindertitlis.

Suitable for: Experienced skiers

Access: Slope 2 is served by a detachable 4-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 4.50 meters per second, and it takes 4 minutes and 50 seconds to complete its transit.

skiing on slopes 3a & 3b

Laubersgrat - Rindertitlis (Slopes 3a & 3b)

Titlis Ski Slope Laubersgrat - Rindertitlis (Slopes 3a & 3b) offers a thrilling descent through the snow, catering to skiers of intermediate level.

Suitable for: Experienced skiers

Access: Laubersgrat - Rindertitlis is served by a detachable 4-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 4.50 meters per second, and it takes 4 minutes and 50 seconds to complete its transit.

skiing on slopes 4a & 4b

Erika: Laubersgrat - Rindertitlis (Slopes 4a & 4b)

The Titlis Erika ski slope, encompassing Laubersgrat - Rindertitlis (Slopes 4a & 4b), presents a challenging blend of intermediate and difficult terrain, necessitating readiness for varying levels of difficulty.

Suitable for: Experienced skiers to professionals

Access: Slopes 4a and 4b are served by a detachable 4-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 4.50 meters per second, and it takes 4 minutes and 50 seconds to complete its transit.

Beginner skier on slopes 7 & 8

Jochpass - Trübsee (Slopes 7 & 8)

Jochpass - Trübsee has gentle slopes ideal for beginners as well as more challenging runs for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

Suitable for: Beginners and experienced skiers

Access: Jochpass - Trübsee is served by a detachable 4-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 5 meters per second, and it takes 5 minutes and 20 seconds to complete its transit.

skiing on slope 9b

Graustock Jochpass - Trübsee (Slope 9b)

With its well-groomed pistes and challenging off-piste opportunities, this slope caters to intermediate level to seasoned skiers.

Suitable for: Experienced skiers

Access: Graustock Jochpass - Trübsee is served by a detachable 4-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 5 meters per second, and it takes 5 minutes and 20 seconds to complete its transit.

skiing on slopes 10 & 11

Jochstock - Jochpass (Slopes 10 & 11)

Situated in the heart of Engelberg's renowned ski area, Jochstock - Jochpass presents an exhilarating descent spanning approximately 3.5 kilometers.

Suitable for: Experienced skiers

Access: Jochstock - Jochpass is served by the Jockstock Xpress, a 6-person high-speed chairlift​. Its speed measures 5 meters per second, and it takes 3 minutes and 40 seconds to complete its transit.

skiing on slopes 12 & 13

Jochpass - Engstlenalp (Slopes 12 & 13)

These slopes are known for their wide paths and smooth gradients, and stunning Alpine vistas.

Suitable for: Beginners and families

Access: The Engstlenalp-Jochpass is served by a 6-person high-speed chairlift​. The base station of the lift is at 1954m, and the top station is at 2214m, with a length of 1244m and a vertical rise of 260m between them, which is covered in less than 5 minutes.

Freeriding at Mount Titlis

Don't want to be contained by the pre-carved slopes? Well, for the adventurous, freeriding would be the experience for you. Take your ski equipment and set yourself on some natural, ungroomed terrain, where every turn connects you with the raw beauty of the mountain. Mount Titlis has five well-known freeride descents, each offering unique terrain and challenges for avid freeriders.

freeriding at Mount Titlis

1. Laub: Freeriders often associate the Laub with its world-famous width, length, and accessibility, enabling a 1,200-meter descent in one go.

2. Galtiberg: The Galtiberg freeride run descends 2,000 meters from Titlis to Engelberg, offering one of the most impressive Alpine and global freeride experiences, necessitating the hiring of a mountain guide.

3. Steinberg: All routes start on the Titlis glacier and then go through rocky, crevasse-filled areas on the descent.

4. Sulz: Sulz freeride at Titlis offers options for all skill levels, but evaluating avalanche conditions is crucial.

5. Steintäli: Steintal, hidden behind Jochstock, keeps excellent powder conditions for days after snowfall.

Note: For a safe and enriching experience, hire a qualified mountain guide who is familiar with the terrain and conditions. Additionally, you can take part in the training exercises held at the Avalanche Training Center that will help prepare for avalanche safety.

Restaurants along the ski path

Trubsee self service

Trübsee Self-Service

This one has always been a hit among walkers, skiers, and tobogganers, thanks to its convenient location right on the ski slope and walking trail. Now, with its stylish industrial makeover after renovation, it's even more appealing. The restaurant offers a diverse menu to suit various dietary preferences, from veggie quiches to currywurst and hearty Alpine macaroni.

trubsee bistro

Trübsee Bistro

Trübsee Bistro, opened in December 2023, delights with a creative menu crafted by Swedish chef Nico Lundgren. Mixing alpine and maritime influences, dishes like duck confit croquettes and salmon tartare showcase their passion. With indoor and outdoor seating, it's popular, so reservations are a must.

Lago Torbido

Lago Torbido

Lago Torbido is a must-visit for pasta, pizza, and wine lovers, now well-known and popular. Reservations are necessary at this restaurant in Trübsee middle station, known for its fresh salads, classic antipasti, tasty pasta, and wood-fired pizzas. Plus, they offer an excellent selection of wines. For a taste of Italy in Switzerland, it's the perfect spot!

Note: The restaurant will be closed from 8 April 2024 to 12 December 2024.

Some tours come fully equipped with the ski equipment for your adventure, while others might not provide everything you need. But don't worry! You can always bring along your own gear, and if you're missing anything, renting it is possible too. Many ski shops in Mount Titlis offer hourly or daily rentals to suit your needs.

Intersport Titlis rental service

Intersport Titlis

Location: 6390 Engelberg
8 AM to 6 PM
Price: CHF 50 onwards

Intersport Titlis, located in Klosterstrasse 9, 6390 Engelberg, offers a convenient rental service for all your skiing and snowboarding needs. Whether you need skis, snowboards, boots, or other equipment, Intersport Titlis has you covered at its address in the heart of Engelberg.

Stöckli Swiss Sport AG

Stöckli Swiss Sport AG

Location: 6390 Engelberg
9 AM to 7 PM (closed on Sundays)
Price: CHF 59 onwards

You can rent laser models and ski attire crafted from 100% Merino wool, boasting CO2-neutral production, Mulesing-free sourcing, and proudly made in Switzerland.

Swissrent Quattro Sport

Swissrent Quattro Sport

Location: 6390 Engelberg
8 AM to 5:30 PM
Price: CHF 43 onwards

Swissrent Quattro Sport offers convenient rental services for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. You can find them in Engelberg village or near the Titlis mountain station, ensuring easy access to quality equipment for your alpine adventures.

Ski schools at Mount Titlis

Schweizer Skischule Engelberg Ski school at Mount Titlis

Schweizer Skischule Engelberg

Schweizer Skischule Engelberg offers top-notch ski instruction for all levels. With 150 instructors, it stands as central Switzerland's largest ski school. Catering to all levels, the ski resort in Engelberg provides group lessons for children, teenagers, and adults, along with snowboard instruction. From beginners to experts, their skilled staff will guide you from your initial snow experience to mastering the perfect short turn.

Prime Skischule Ski school at mount titlis

Prime Skischule

Whether you're learning the basics or honing advanced skills, Prime Skischule ensures a great Alpine experience. With expert instructors and a focus on safety and fun, it's the perfect place to learn or improve your skiing skills amidst breathtaking scenery. They offer group lessons and private lessons. They even have women-only ski groups and night-skiing expeditions!

Schmugglis Winterland for young skiers

Schmuggli's Winterland on Titlis is perfect for families with kids. Whether they're trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time, or simply sliding down on a snowtube, there's something for every little adventurer. And when they need a break, the Trübsee Alpine Lodge offers a kids' buffet and indoor playroom for added fun.

Tips for the ultimate skiing experience at Mount Titlis

ultimate skiing experience at Mount Titlis
  • Before you begin, practice the horizontal poles drill, a balance-enhancing exercise in skiing technique.
  • Know your terrain. Understand routes, monitor snow and avalanche conditions, and avoid risky areas to ensure safe navigation.
  • Plan your skiing expedition first thing in the morning and save everything else for later to enjoy fresh, untouched snow. Aim to hit the slopes shortly after the lifts open to make the most of your skiing time.
  • Explore the Titlis Glacier area, which offers excellent skiing conditions even late in the season.
  • For more adventurous skiers, consider hiring a guide for off-piste skiing experiences.
  • If you're into freestyle skiing, head to the Trübsee Snow Park. It features a variety of jumps, rails, and obstacles suitable for all skill levels, providing an exhilarating experience for riders of all abilities.
  • After a day on the slopes, unwind with some après-ski activities. Visit one of the mountain bars or restaurants for a drink and socialize with fellow skiers, sharing stories of your adventures on the mountain.

Frequently asked questions about skiing in Mount Titlis

What ski levels does Mount Titlis cater to?

Mount Titlis welcomes skiers of all levels, offering slopes for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders alike. Whether you're just starting out or seeking challenges, there's something for everyone to enjoy on its diverse terrain.

Can I rent ski equipment at Mount Titlis?

Certainly! At Mount Titlis, you can easily rent ski equipment to ensure you have everything you need for an enjoyable day on the mountain. Their rental services typically include skis, boots, poles, and other necessary gear, allowing you to hit the slopes with confidence, even if you don't have your own equipment.

Are ski lessons available for beginners?

Yes, ski lessons are available for beginners at Mount Titlis. The mountain typically offers ski instruction tailored specifically for newcomers who are eager to learn the fundamentals of skiing. These lessons are conducted by experienced instructors who provide guidance on basic techniques, safety practices, and building confidence on the snow. You can check out schools such as Schweizer Skischule, which caters to all skill levels.

What are some beginner-friendly ski trails at Titlis?

Easy trails at Titlis include 12 Jochpass - Engstlenalp, 13 Jochpass - Engstlenalp, 6 Talabfahrt Kanonenrohr Trübsee - Engelberg, 5 Talabfahrt Standard Trübsee - Engelberg, 24 Untertrübsee, and Gerschnialp.

What are the options for freeriding at Mount Titlis?

At Mount Titlis, freeriding enthusiasts can explore exhilarating options such as Laub, Galtiberg, Steinberg, Sulz, and Steintäli, offering varied terrain for adventurous skiers and snowboarders seeking thrilling off-piste experiences.

What safety precautions are recommended for skiing at Mount Titlis?

When skiing at Mount Titlis, prioritize safety by wearing appropriate gear, staying informed about weather and avalanche conditions, observing trail signs, skiing with a buddy, and staying on designated trails. Be aware of other skiers and obstacles, stay hydrated, and take breaks when needed. Familiarize yourself with ski lift operations and carry essential safety equipment. Lastly, know your limits and ski within your abilities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the slopes.

Are there any family-friendly ski areas?

Yes, Mount Titlis offers family-friendly ski areas suitable for skiers of all ages and abilities. The Engelberg-Titlis ski resort, which encompasses Mount Titlis, provides a variety of slopes catering to families, beginners, and intermediate skiers. Also, ski slopes 12 and 13 are known for their wide paths and simple gradients.

How do I check the current snow conditions?

You can always refer to online resources to check the current snow conditions at Mount Titlis.

Are there non-skiing activities in Mount Titlis?

Of course! You can ride the Titlis Rotair cable car, explore the Glacier Cave, and walk on the Titlis Cliff Walk suspension bridge. There's also snow tubing, sightseeing, hiking and enjoying Swiss cuisine at mountaintop restaurants. It's a perfect destination for both skiers and non-skiers to have a memorable mountain experience.